Custom fields and forms, de-identified patients and other New Years goodies

January 16, 2024
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We're thrilled to announce a suite of powerful new features in Aurabox, designed to streamline healthcare workflows and enhance research capabilities. Let's dive into these updates and explore how they're set to revolutionise the work of doctors and researchers.

Custom Forms and Fields: Personalised Patient Care

Aurabox now allows for the addition of customisable fields to patients, studies, and documents. This flexibility means you can record and access bespoke patient data effortlessly.

Imagine being able to tailor patient records with specific details relevant to your practice. For instance, a cardiologist can now add custom fields for cardiovascular risk factors or medication regimes, enabling quick access to crucial patient information. This customisation not only saves time but also ensures more accurate and personalised patient care.

Researchers can leverage these custom fields to gather specific data points for studies. For example, a researcher focusing on brain cancers can create custom fields to track symptoms, treatment, histology, and other variables, simplifying data aggregation and analysis.

This feature is in private beta for selected customers. Contact us if you’d like to try it out.

De-identified Patients: Enhancing Research While Protecting Privacy

This feature supports adding patients in a de-identified mode, crucial for research and educational projects.

This is perfect for conducting research while adhering to privacy regulations. For example, a research team working with imaging data can now access de-identified patient data, ensuring patient confidentiality while gathering essential insights.

In medical education, this feature allows for the use of real patient cases while protecting patient identity, offering students a rich, authentic learning experience.

This feature is in private beta for selected customers. Contact us if you’d like to try it out.

Enhanced Sharing Wizard: Simplified Collaboration

Securely sharing patient information, including imaging, with colleagues has never been easier. A doctor consulting on a complex case can quickly share a complete imaging history with a colleague for collobaration and input, ensuring timely and coordinated care. The upcoming pin-code system will further streamline this process, balancing ease-of-use with security.

For Researchers, collaborating on multi-centre studies becomes seamless. Researchers can share de-identified patients and projects with peers across institutions without hassle, fostering a collaborative environment that accelerates scientific discovery.

In Summary

The latest updates to Aurabox bring a host of benefits to the healthcare and research community. Custom forms and fields offer flexibility in patient data management, while the improved sharing wizard and upcoming pin-code system enhance secure collaboration. De-identified patient modes strike a balance between advancing research and safeguarding patient privacy.

Plus, we’ve also streamlined process for requesting imaging from third-parties, meaning faster, more efficient patient care.

As we continue to innovate, Aurabox remains committed to empowering doctors and researchers with tools that are not just powerful, but also intuitive and tailored to the unique challenges of the healthcare industry. Stay tuned for more updates as we further our mission of improving patient care.

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