Aurabox Changelog

Updates for April 2024

April 16, 2024

Bug Fixes

  • Team Management:
    • Resolved an issue preventing the removal of some users from teams.
  • Sharing:
    • Addressed multiple issues with sharing functionalities, including improper redirects and incorrect template use for personal shares
  • Security Enhancements:
    • Addressed a security flaw that allowed some users to bypass request checking when requesting access to users. No users were actually affected by this issue.
  • Study Management:
    • Fixed a 500 error encountered when deleting a study.
    • Corrected an issue where some studies did not receive a Study Description until after they were uploaded.
    • Resolved an incorrect message displayed when uploading imaging for a study with an open request.
  • User Creation and Permission Handling:
    • Improved error messaging when trying to add a patient without sufficient permissions, replacing a 403 error with a more helpful message.
  • UI and Layout Improvements:
    • Truncated long person and patient names in lists to prevent text overflow in the UI.
    • Fixed a number of minor UI bugs

Updates for March 2024

March 21, 2024

Family Management

  • New Feature Introduction: Users now have the capability to add their families as new users or as patients without user profiles.

User Interface Enhancements

  • Revamped Pages for Imaging and Documents: We have thoroughly revised and improved the pages for all asset types including imaging, documents, and pathology.
  • New Attachment Browser: Streamlined the process of adding, viewing, and deleting document files linked to an imaging study or document reference directly from the respective study or document page. This enhancement simplifies user interactions and consolidates report management into fewer pages.

Additional Improvements

  • Feature Visibility Messaging: When a feature is not enabled for a user, they will now see a helpful message rather than an error page.
  • Concierge Request Improvements: Addressed several issues associated with concierge requests, enhancing the reliability and functionality of this service.

Bug Fixes and Upgrades

  • Form Label Fix: Resolved an issue where a missing form label could disrupt the patient page.
  • Viewer Upgrades: Implemented upgrades to the viewer to improve performance and user experience.
  • Miscellaneous Bug Fixes: Fixed various minor bugs to enhance stability and usability across the platform.

Updates for February 2024

February 10, 2024

User Interface Improvements

  • Layout Enhancements: Introduced a new document listing and attachment layout. Standardised the presentation of modality, type, availability, institution, and other properties across all studies and documents. Improved spacing and alignment across various card and layout templates.
  • Icon Updates: Updated icons for studies, pathology, and documents to ensure consistent weight. Moved icon configuration to a central config file.

Professional Features

  • Header Standardisation: Normalised the header across Studies and Documents, including the reinstatement of previously missing metadata on Study headers.
  • Navigation Improvements: Added new breadcrumbs to enhance context and navigation across patient pages, especially useful for images and documents. Refined the layout for document pages including reports.

Personal Dashboard

  • Dashboard Updates: Modified the dashboard's Recent list to show only Imaging items, limited to three entries. Revamped the My Records page to include channels leading to sub-areas and a new list of recent items.
  • Visual Updates: Changed the background colour to a friendlier blue.

Bug Fixes

  • Permission Error Fix: Fixed a potential 403 error encountered when a supplier attempts to upload.
  • Personal User Updates: Addressed an issue preventing Personal users from adding Reports to existing studies.
  • Date Validation: Corrected a bug that allowed users to input invalid dates in February (e.g., February 31).

UI Enhancements

  • Breadcrumbs: Enhanced breadcrumbs now provide better context, especially on report pages.
  • Header Information: Headers now include details like date, modality, and provider.
  • Summary and Institution Display: Improved compactness of summary data with special display features for the Institution Name, which will become clickable in future updates.
  • Reports List: Improved the display and functionality of the reports list.

Updates for January 2024

January 31, 2024

Over the last 6 weeks we've focussed heavily on stablising the service and resolving outstanding bugs. As part of this effort, we've put considerable effort into security hardening and testing. Many of these issues are internal and not reflected in this changelog (in fact, we closed around 70 issues this month).

New Features

  • New connectivity check when using the uploader that will warn the user before they attempt to use it, and links to a help page on our website
  • Studies can now be removed using a new Actions button, if the patient has not already accepted their account
  • Pin codes for sharing

Bug fixes

  • Fixed and issue with reference Lines issues in the viewer
  • My Requests tab was broken for personal users
  • Formatting issue on dashboard when using long case
  • Family managers can actually access the manage family page
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes result in a user getting two teams
  • Requests for imaging will no longer create a broken duplicate if a prior study exists, and instead update the original
  • Hid the Add Patient and Add Record buttons for Viewers, since they couldn't do anything once they clicked them
  • Fixed an issue in the viewer that prevented loading PETs if they had missing metadata
  • Other minor bugs