Updates for February 2024

April 16, 2024

User Interface Improvements

  • Layout Enhancements: Introduced a new document listing and attachment layout. Standardised the presentation of modality, type, availability, institution, and other properties across all studies and documents. Improved spacing and alignment across various card and layout templates.
  • Icon Updates: Updated icons for studies, pathology, and documents to ensure consistent weight. Moved icon configuration to a central config file.

Professional Features

  • Header Standardisation: Normalised the header across Studies and Documents, including the reinstatement of previously missing metadata on Study headers.
  • Navigation Improvements: Added new breadcrumbs to enhance context and navigation across patient pages, especially useful for images and documents. Refined the layout for document pages including reports.

Personal Dashboard

  • Dashboard Updates: Modified the dashboard's Recent list to show only Imaging items, limited to three entries. Revamped the My Records page to include channels leading to sub-areas and a new list of recent items.
  • Visual Updates: Changed the background colour to a friendlier blue.

Bug Fixes

  • Permission Error Fix: Fixed a potential 403 error encountered when a supplier attempts to upload.
  • Personal User Updates: Addressed an issue preventing Personal users from adding Reports to existing studies.
  • Date Validation: Corrected a bug that allowed users to input invalid dates in February (e.g., February 31).

UI Enhancements

  • Breadcrumbs: Enhanced breadcrumbs now provide better context, especially on report pages.
  • Header Information: Headers now include details like date, modality, and provider.
  • Summary and Institution Display: Improved compactness of summary data with special display features for the Institution Name, which will become clickable in future updates.
  • Reports List: Improved the display and functionality of the reports list.

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